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About Exclusive Dunhuang NFT
CryptoArt.Ai and Sibolongchuang present the "No Waste Dunhuang" polish "Mobile Feast" Star River Series". The "Flowing Feast" is the polish of "No Waste Dunhuang", a digital art piece that brings the caves into space and time, and leads you to a long, dreamy glimpse of the infinite sea of stars.
Dunhuang without Waste" Chiseling "The Flowing Feast" Star River Series
"Dunhuang", a treasure-trove chiseled on walls of grottoes depicting 1600-years of history and syncretic elements from all four ancient civilizations. "Without Waste", mankind’s self-awakening through introspection of civilization.

The "Flowing Feast" Star River Series is the crown jewel of the “Dunhuang without Waste" light and shadow digital arts collection. Which captures the time and space in Dunhuang grottoes and leads you to explore the dreamy river weaved with billions of stars.
God de Fleur—“Flower represents blooming”
In the East, paintings emphasize on the perfect combination of visions and meanings. And totem-aesthetic has implied meanings into symbols. Flower is the symbol of flourish and kindness, it’s the symbolic sign for the harmony and root of a family. While combined with the meaning of infinity and rising represented by the symbol of Star River, the painting represents the blooming of a happy family and the harmonious relationship between the family members in it.

Chinese culture, an ancient and diversified civilization on earth, like any other human wisdom that was developed over a long period of time, culture and art became it’s pumping heart.

Civilization itself is a "flowing feast", it can be visualized, be captured, and abstracted through its totem-esthetic which was diversified and accumulated through the long history of humankind. The beauty of civilization is fermented in painting, architecture, utensils, clothing and sculpture.

In 2016, GLOPO.JCCREATION embarked on a new journey of exploration: "The contemporary aesthetic abstraction of civilizational totems”. We hope to express the ideas from the Chinese civilizational representations to create a new kind of artistic impression. A concept that maintains the essence of our ancestor’s beautiful art works while combining contemporary linear forms with modern color attribution. Our goal was a visual standard of aesthetics while creating a more practical and modern Chinese line and color system. This art series presented in front of you was nurtured from that process.
About Exclusive Dunhuang NFT
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